Developing Skills with eBooks

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Why Have a Business Plan

A business plan is as vital as a blue print to a builder. You would not want to build a house without a decent set of blueprints. Can you imagine … Continue reading

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Finding New Ways to Learn

Many people today feel like they have stagnated in both their professional careers and their personal lives. It happens to nearly everyone at some point when you feel like you … Continue reading

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Developing Skills for a Better Job Interview

With so many people out of work today, applying for a job gets tougher and tougher with each passing day. The competition for every open position can be fierce and … Continue reading

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Leadership Skills Training Can Help You and Others

It is very likely in your workplace experience that you have noticed that there are some people who struggle with being a manager. Not everyone is cut out for this … Continue reading

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4 Tips For A Better Product Page

There are different techniques to selling, and, although they employ different methods, they are all worth investigating. Take the time to study these different selling techniques before you construct your … Continue reading

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To Give Examples Or Not To Give Examples

Throughout your education, you saw millions of examples. They were everywhere: attached to math problems, in grammar books, on worksheets. It seemed like every single day you encountered an example … Continue reading

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Focusing On All Sections Of Leadership Equally

When authors go to publish a eBook, they often allow themselves to get obsessed with a single aspect of their topic. This happens with surprising frequency when it comes to … Continue reading

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