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eBooks: The New Business Card for Lead Generation

CoverWomenAutoKnow-200x300Many small businesses are looking for ways to improve lead generation, and eBooks offer an excellent way to bring more prospects to your business. If you’re not sure whether you should invest the time to write and publish an eBook, here is a closer look at how eBooks can benefit your company and bring in more leads.

Start by thinking about other businesses and how they bring in leads and customers. For example, when you head to the grocery store, you probably see sample stands, discounted products and other methods of bringing in customers by offering upfront value. Companies that use these techniques offer a bit of value to buy some extra consideration, showing their customers that they are willing to prove how worthwhile their products are. EBooks allow you to accomplish the same thing, providing something of value to prospects that make them consider your business.

The great thing about eBook publishing is that an eBook is a more subtle marketing tool. The status of being a published author by itself creates the perception of being a leading authority. The content of the eBook further demonstrates the author’s expertise in the subject of the eBook. Adding customer testimonials and case studies further exemplifies the author’s expertise. And if the author gives free copies of the eBook to prospects, they will appreciate not only the author’s subject matter expertise but also the author’s generosity, which will lead to more trust, which in turn leads to more sales of the author’s products and services.

Short books are relatively easy to write and since they are lightweight, they can easily be carried in one’s briefcase. Instead of handing a business card to a good prospect that you meet at a networking event, you can offer them a copy of your book. Imagine the impression that your prospect will have of you! Morevoer, technologically, books have many advantages over traditional business cards. You can quickly email the eBook or a link to the eBook to any potential customers who provide their email address. EBooks can also be easily tracked to find out how well they are performing. Unlike other products, eBooks can be readily updated to keep the content from seeming stale.

To increase the eBook’s lead generation potential and to ensure it establishes you as an authority, a few tips need to be followed.

Present a Professional Image – First, it’s important to ensure your eBook presents a professional image of your company. If you were printing up business cards, you would make sure that your business cards looked professional, so you looked like a professional when handing them out. The same is true with eBook publishing. You have to convey a professional image that will dictate how consumers will view your business. In particular, make sure your book does not contain any grammatical errors that could detract from your image.

Show Off Your Brand – You also want to show off your brand with your eBook. More than likely, you’d include a business logo on business cards, so use your logos on your eBooks. This makes your business easier to recognize and builds brand awareness.

Ensure You Deliver the Message Clearly – Last, make sure that you deliver your message clearly with your eBook. Your content needs to read well. If you fail to deliver a clear message, you will have a tougher time bringing in quality leads.

Instead of wasting money on endless marketing schemes that provide few lead generation results, consider writing your own eBook to improve lead generation.

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