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How to use Social Media to Benefit the Sale of Your eBook

publish an ebookBefore the internet, book promotion was based on the press and in-store events. If print magazines, television shows or other forums wouldn’t promote your book, your chances of finding success were incredibly small. Fortunately, the world has changed and now there are many free or inexpensive means for driving sales of your book. One of the easiest ways to do so is through social media – and it’s free!

Social media is a great way to build buzz around your book even before publish an ebook. Announce to your social media networks that you are writing a book. You can even seek input from your fans or connections on topics to cover in your book, title options, cover design and other aspects. If you are a member of any groups, let them know your anticipated publication date as well. Find groups and blogs that pertain to your subject, and look for posts to comment on so people start to recognize your name. In your signature, you can include “author of the soon-to-be-published book (and then include your book title).

Once the book is finished, announce its publication and where people can go to purchase it. Share sections of the book, and ask your followers to re-tweet links.This can then drive their co-workers and friends to review the same chapter and that can increase the visibility of your product. Keep in mind that additional social share buttons are also very important, as they can help people to easily bring in more people to review what you have written.

Promotional contests are another great way to drive interest via social media. Not only can they build likes and followers, but they can also help to spread word of your book. As you have people share your posts or tweets as part of a promotional campaign, the reach of your product also increases. In time, this continues to increase your reach and to really drive sales.

You should also think about creating a video based on your content and sharing the video on your social media accounts. You can continue to benefit from the video long after the initial launch of your eBook. If you want more information about creating a video, we have a great resource on our website, called How To Create Your Own Video Product, by Michael Tasner. Just click here for more information.


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