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4 Tips For A Better Product Page

There are different techniques to selling, and, although they employ different methods, they are all worth investigating. Take the time to study these different selling techniques before you construct your product page. Learn about the different methods of selling before you publish an eBook, and how they can be used to convince your would-be reader that this is the book they need to change their lives. Even reading a quick how-to on at least one technique can make your sales page better.

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Use Active Wording

In order to get the potential reader’s attention, you have to use active wording in your description of the product. Passive wording, usually seen in sentences with “is” or a form of the verb ‘to be’ as the subject, are weak in the reader’s mind. These sentences contain cold, dry facts that won’t draw the reader in. Just as in your attempt to publish a eBook, the active wording that you choose should include present tense or past tense verbs, but always showing activeness in the verbs themselves.

Create Excitement

The writing on your product page must create excitement for the reader. The title alone brought them this far, but now they are going to make their decision based entirely on the excitement that you have on this page. This excitement will be created by the way that you portray the book’s contents on the page. You can create excitement through a bulleted list of main topics that the book contains, or by telling readers about the benefits they will gain from reading your eBook.

Include Power Words

Power words are a tricky subject. These are adjectives and adverbs that are combined with regular sentences in lifestyle and business eBooks in order to give the finished product a greater sense of accomplishment. You should rely on powerful words that will create excitement in the reader on the product’s about page as well. Entire lists of these power words exist out there, you just have to look for them to determine which ones you should use on your page. Try to include a powerful word in every other sentence, at least, to get your reader worked up over owning your eBook.


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