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Focusing On All Sections Of Leadership Equally

When authors go to publish a eBook, they often allow themselves to get obsessed with a single aspect of their topic. This happens with surprising frequency when it comes to leadership skills training, and the multiple facets of this critical eBook topic. Your reader wants to know about all aspects of leadership that you have promised them, not just the one that you happen to get hung up on while writing.

Your readers have not come to you in search of a sermon. If they want someone to preach at them about a topic, they will attend a religious service. What they want from you is an easy to understand overview of the leadership skills training that you have promised them in this eBook. To make your readers happy and bring them back for more information about leadership in the future, you must publish a eBook that accounts for every basic of leadership skills in full detail.

leadership skills training

While it may not take you an equal amount of written space to provide the necessary details on each aspect of leadership that you have agreed to cover, you must cover all of these aspects to an equal degree. As you work your way through the individual facts that make up being a good leader, your attempts to publish a eBook must contain an equal overview of each to give your reader a full understanding of the topic.

You could easily cover the importance of being prepared in three pages. This is all the room that would be needed to drive this important factor of leadership home. It may likewise require nine pages to cover the importance of body language. Although body language will take you three times more space to cover, you need to give it those nine pages and explain it as fully as you did the section on preparation.

Your reader expects to see every one of the important topics about basic leadership skills training in a book that promises to deliver it. They will be willing to read the extra pages simply because the information that they need is present on them. By taking the time to explain each section as needed when you publish a eBook, your readers will come away with a better understanding of the topic. The better they understand the topic, the better review they will leave for you, and the more likely they are to return for your next installment.

By the same token, you shouldn’t artificially inflate a section on a certain aspect of leadership. Do not try to make “be prepared” into nine pages, simply because “body language” turned out to be nine pages long. Write as long as you need to write, and then stop when you have said all that you need to say. You will know when you have said everything that you need to, so just follow your instincts.


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