Developing Skills with eBooks

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How To Learn Skills From EBooks

For many readers, the concept of learning skills from eBooks has taken on a twisted meaning over the years. All too often, a reader will pick up a book from trusted eBook publishers that promises to teach them how to develop skills in a certain area. After causally reading the eBook, though, the reader finds themselves no more a master of the promised skill set than when they began reading. This often leaves the reader wondering what went wrong.

ImageThe answer is actually a rather simple one: Like any set of skills that you are hoping to learn, just reading about it isn’t enough. You need to practice those skills in order to truly master them.

A well written eBook on how to develop skills can introduce you to the overall topics, and even explain the minute details with precision and care. But if you are only half skimming the eBook page, reading the first and last sentences of each paragraph, or trying to watch your favorite television show while reading, you aren’t going to pick up on the needed information.

ImageeBook publishers and writers often get the blame for a reader’s inability to learn the offered skill set. Sometimes, the fault truly does lie with the author and the eBook fails to do what it promised. This is a rare occurrence. The average eBook on developing skills provides all the needed information to the reader. It is the reader who fails to actually pay attention and learn.

How can you avoid becoming another statistic in learning skills from eBooks? Like with any skill set, you must approach the instructions with a frame of mind that permits learning. As you begin reading the eBook, you should be in a quiet place where you can take your time and read carefully. Go through the offered information slowly, and make sure that you are taking it all in. Take notes, or use your eBook reader’s ability to highlight passages to help you find them again.

Most importantly, you need to practice the information that you learn. eBook publishers can’t be there to lean over your shoulder and stress this fact like your high school English teacher could. It falls to you to actually absorb the material and integrate the lessons into your own life. If you want to become better at public speaking, or leading a group, you aren’t going to master these skills simply from reading about them. You must take that final step and put what you have learned to good use.

When your first experience in using the material is finished, go back and look at your outcome objectively. Ask people for feedback on how you did, and listen to what they have to say. When it is all over, revisit your developing skills eBook and see how you can integrate those comments with the advice that the book offers you. With practice and study, anyone can master the skills that eBook publishers put forth.


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