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Finding an Angle For Your EBook Publishing

While you’re working on narrowing down the topic for your upcoming eBook publishing adventure, you need to focus on an angle for your topic that hasn’t been covered in depth yet, particularly if you are writing on a topic that is already well covered with other eBooks. Writing about topics that have a lot of other eBooks already published about them can be a good strategy, in that there is probably a large market for the information; but unless your eBook has a unique and valuable angle to it, it probably won’t be found.

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To find a good angle for your eBook, you need to sort through the most popular offerings available from different marketplaces, from to the local bookstores in your area, and try to identify gaps in their information offerings.  This process will take some time. When you are done, though, you will discover that you have a long list of items that you can use as topics, all from informational gaps that have been overlooked by the others in your industry. It is in these informational gaps that the largest market will be found for your eBook publishing ideas.

If you can write for your target audience within the realm created by these informational gaps, you will find an audience eager to digest your new and otherwise unrepresented information.  Moreover, as readers come to expect your expertise to be able to fill in these gaps left by the others in your field, they will purchase your later books as well, and your reputation will grow exponentially.

In order to make use of these other sources properly, you will need to become somewhat familiar with the extant work on the topics that you are an expert in already. For many professionals, actually getting through this step and forcing yourself to look through things published by others is often viewed as an exercise in patience. However, the list of informational gaps that you come out with in the end will supply you with writing material for this eBook and many others.


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